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The first architectural drawings for the Eliot School transformation into the Jubilee Community Wellness Center are unveiled.  The anticipated transition of this vacant school building in North St. Louis into a center of hope and rehabilitation is met with eager anticipation.  

“We are repurposing a former school building, long ago abandoned, to be a place of rehabilitation and restoration for those who are fighting the curse of fentanyl and opioid addiction,” said the Director of Jubilee Community Development Corporation (JCDC), Andy Krumsieg.  

The drawings reveal a center that contains 80 beds, a substance abuse clinic, a pharmacy, and a physical fitness gymnasium area.  In addition, the offices of JCDC will be housed in the facility.  Dr. Bryan Moore, JCDC CEO explains, “Having hands-on involvement with our men brings accountability, responsibility and reliability to the lives of those who are finding meaning and purpose in a life free of substance abuse.”  The Jubilee Community Wellness Center will be a symbol of this journey in the community and will be an inviting place for those who want to turn their life around.  Construction will begin in early 2023.

If you wish to join us in this project, please consider a donation for the Jubilee Community Wellness Center.  The Nat Turner Foundation is supporting Jubilee Community Development Corporation in this vital project for North St. Louis. Please click here to add your support and donations