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The Nat Turner Foundation (NTF) awarded its first-ever grants to Jubilee Community Development Corporation (JCDC). Dr. Bryan Moore, President of NTF, watched the historic event as Frank Agovino, Secretary of NTF, presented two grants to Andy Krumsieg, Director of JCDC. 

The first grant is for the Jubilee Community Wellness Center (JCWC) project. It is $14,000 for the initial architectural services necessary for the projected development; these drawings will guide the renovation and protect the historical features of this landmark building in St. Louis, built in 1898. 

The Trivers architectural firm specializes in renovation of historical structures, and they will be providing their expertise for the JCWC project. They bring their reputation for thoughtful design that responds to historical preservation and adaptive reuse. Andy Krumsieg, Director of JCDC, said, “JCDC is thrilled to have Trivers as our architectural partner, we look forward to the transformation of the Eliot School to the life-sustaining Jubilee Community Wellness Center for our neighborhood. It will address addiction recovery, fitness, and transitional living spaces for hundreds of men in our city.” 

The second grant awarded to JCDC is for the establishment of a special bank account at Cass Bank. This account will allow the smooth and proper transition of grant funds from the Nat Turner Foundation to JCDC. “Cass Bank is a valuable partner of our Foundation and JCDC,” said Dr. Bryan Moore, President of NTF. “It is critical that grants awarded to JCDC have accountability, transparency, and reliability for donors to know their funds are being spent wisely. “ 

This year will see the construction of the Jubilee Community Wellness Center and other projects supported by JCDC. If you would like to contribute to the Nat Turner Foundation to support the work of JCDC please click here